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The Pirates of Time [Part Two]

(Refer to this post to read part one of The Pirates of Time. Thanks for reading!)
"I can't see in this hole," I yelled over the noise of the engine. Something thumped the roof of my ship and I hit a wall. Panic threatened to swallow me again. Genius clung to the headrest of my seat and said, "Caaalm down, and think about you oppptions, your options."
"My options?"
"Yess, your lights, your lights, you dummy," he squawked, knocking me on the head for the second time that day. Of course! My headlights! Hadn't I been driving a regular car for four years already? Why hadn't I thought of that? I flicked on the lights that adorned the outside of the Redeemer and the darkness was immediately illuminated. I sighed in relief. This was much better. And such a simple solution! I needed to learn to calm down and think of my options when a problem arose, like Genius said. Most of the solutions weren't as complicated as I thought they we…

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