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Tales of Faith 3-Month Blog Tour || Protecting the Poor Excerpt

Hey everyone!
Today I am back with the last of three posts for Amanda Tero's Tales of Faith 3-month blog tour. And today is especially exciting because I get to share with you an excerpt from Amanda's new book, Protecting the Poor! I had the privilege of beta-reading this book and it was SO GOOD. I thoroughly enjoyed it in many ways and I know you will, too. So let's get on with the excitement!

“Ah, there you are, my good lad.” Barat’s tone belied his congenial words. Dumphey jerked, his fist forming. The lord’s magnate. He held almost as much power as Feroci himself. How did he know to look here? “Come with me.” Barat placed a hand on Dumphey’s shoulder and pushed him back toward the door—an order, not an invitation. “I’ve done nothing wrong,” Dumphey said as he stumbled outside with Barat. His mind raced. When had he not taken enough care? He always fulfilled his duties before escaping for just a few brief moments to distribute food. He was certain he avoided the soldiers on …

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